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Divorce Affair

I want to Divorce my Husband and Go for my Long time Lover because my Husband did this - Advice me

I have been married for a very long time and I can say I have seen it all. Both good and bad, blessed with a handful of kids.

The issue is I am the kind of woman that even if am told my husband is drunk and lying in the fitter I will go and Carry him and make him better. I will do anything to make my man look good in the eyes of people. I am that strong woman. But the only thing my soul can't stand and hate is lying and cheating.

But these are the 2 main things my husband has been doing to me.

Even though he can swear heaven and earth that he has not slept with anybody since we got married which I somehow believe because I haven't caught him In bed with a woman before or in the process. It is very painful since I so everything as a good woman. The problem is that I just realized am no more in love with my husband again because I have seriously fallen for my old sweetheart bi.

The thing is I am a one woman one man person and have asked for divorce or separation from my husband because I can not stay in a loveless relationship.

He is not having any of that and will rather die than loose me. But I think it's too late. How do I go about it and not cause harm to out kids. That is my main concern.

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