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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Common Mistakes Guys Do That Draw Them Away From Women

There are numerous of guys out there would have landed a date with a hot girl but they were drifted due to their inability and incompetence to handle such goods. Many makes mistakes which is not that neccessary and could have even been prevented. Women are such a cunning nature who wans to be loved and look forward to see that in guy who possesses some special qualities to become a good man.

If you're looking forward for a "one night stand" or a long term relationship, there are certain characteristics you have to do away with of you want women to be attracted to you. Don't loose guards if you have been rejected by women a countless times. Maybe there's something you are not doing right that you have to correct right away.

1. Staying In The Friend Zone

That's one funny mistakes men do when it come to the love game. They fear to express their feeling towards the woman they want to attract and there by remain in the friend zone. No man on this earth wants to remain in the friend of one of the cutest girls in town. Actually, they want to get on the pitch and play rather sitting and watch others play.

2. They Concentrate On Getting Laid

One of the most common errors made by guys is getting a woman laid after the first. You should know that since a way to a man heart is through his stomach so as a way to woman's heart through what she hears. The awful blunders men make is excessive focus on the wrong objective of getting the woman laid. Prove yourself as a different person even though that is your final destination.

3. Putting Her On A Pedestal

I've placed women on a pedestal for so long and I got nothing from it so i would advice you to stop. Successfull gamers tend to visualize what they have and work on it instead of putting all their attention, money and strength on a woman who in turn leave them for another guy. Be confident of yourself and find something better doing. Attract her with your posture and other signal and you would see them running after you.

I made similar mistakes, it didn't help me better my chances with women but rather drew me away from them. Don't let this be you.

Thanks for reading and kindly comment your thoughts. Let's have a discussion in the comment section as he to grab women and chew them.

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