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Sologamy: Meet The Brazilian Lady Who Married Herself To Boost Her Self-esteem (Photos)

Even though sologamy is not common in Ghanaian communities, there are some places around the world where it's being practiced.

Cris Galera, 33, dressed as a bride in a white gown and posed with her pals in front of a Catholic church in Sao Paulo. Solitary people wed themselves in the spirit of not requiring a spouse to find happiness, and she renewed the custom.

When a Brazilian model named Cris Galera decided she was tired of relying on men for happiness, she decided to marry herself. Her wedding photos in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she wore a traditional white bridal gown, went viral. Celebrations with her pals ensued afterward.

Her social media accounts were bombarded with trolls, to which she paid no attention. It was Galêra's previous romances that fueled their marriage, noting, "Men have a hard time being faithful or staying with only one woman. They're looking for a large group of women at once.

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