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Our Ladies Have Done It Again. Check Out Side Chic’s Escape From Sugar Daddy’s Wife

Why should one cheat in a relationship? If you are not ready to settle with one partner, then why enter a relationship or marriage in the first place?

In recent times, cheating in marriages and relationships are very much on the rise. Day in, day out, photos and videos of cheating men and women surface online. From men caught cheating on their wives with side chics in hotels, to side chics escaping from the wives of their sugar daddies.

Photos of another side chic escaping from the wife of her sugar daddy has surfaced once again.

It was alleged that her sugar daddy’s wife stormed the house without informing the husband and this left the side chic in fright. Afraid of being caught by the sugar daddy’s, the unidentified side chic chose to escape out of the house through the back window.

The neighbors around saw the incident and took photos of her as they made mockery of her.

This time around, the side chic was able to escape without being caught by the sugar daddy’s wife. But as the adage goes, “everyday for the thief, one day for the master.“ Our dear ladies should please desist from this act. Because when caught, no one can save you from the shame that will befall you.

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