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You will regret in your relationship if you fail to do these things.

When you explore social media platforms, you will see people having a lot to say about their relationships. Mostly, it is nothing good about their encounters with the opposite sex. People only express their regrets, how they were used and dumped, etc

You will wonder if there are no relationships which are bound to succeed. But the fact is, people make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, which makes them experience the worst forms of relationships. There are some things people fail to do that make them regret afterwards, in their relationships.

1. If you fail to study the person carefully, it will end in premium tears! Every individual can pretend just to push his or her own selfish desires through. A guy who is only after sex will do anything possible to get it. He can even lie down for a lady to use him as door mat. He knows what he's working for.

After getting his ultimate goal, he'll start to show attitudes. A lady who is only after what a man has to spend, can go extra mile in making him lower his guard completely. Please, be reasonable enough to scrutinise a person before considering any relationship whatsoever.

2. Always comb into a person's history before thinking of entering a relationship with him or her. People have questionable pasts which can have a bad bearing on their present relationships. You can say people change. You will realise that the person you think may change for the better, worsens.

Some people have led immoral behaviours in the past and are not worth marrying. Don't make the mistake and rush into something you will wish has not happened. "Prevention is better than cure." Don't go about donating your heart to just anyone and make noise afterwards.

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