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She had to Spend the Day on her Late Husband's Grave with their only child.

This picture did not only break Mrs Sarah's heart but also the hearts of multitude of people when the picture flooded on the Internet.

Mrs Sarah Hayford is a Nurse at John Hopkins hospital and his late husband was also an accountant who was forced to go on Early retirement because he suffered malignant Brain Tumour.

They met on their first day of admission into the university. It was an absolutely incredible friendship from that moment on.

The Early stages their marriage wasn't very easy because they were struggling with Infertility issues.

Fortunately for them, Mrs Sarah was able to get pregnant on the 4th year after their marriage.

On the day she was to deliver her baby was his husbands birthday and on the same day too his husband was booked for surgery under the roof of the same hospital she was going to deliver her baby.

She was Happy to deliver their first baby Boy but unfortunately the husband suffered a post surgical complications and Died an hour after at the Theatre Recovery Room.

It was a very sad scene to see Mrs Sarah lying on the tomb of her late husband with their only child beside her.

some friendships can never die even after death...😒

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