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Use This Charm For Him Or Her To Love You Forever And Ever.

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Hello my lovely people and cherish readers, my name is Mr. Fred as you all know, I once come your way with a secret and powerful rituals that can charm someone to love you more and more.

Love is from God, and is something that is very powerful than the sword, because of love , someone can do anything to win love. Sometimes love can make you go crazy , for example, imagine you love someone and the person don't love you, how do you feel as a human.

One man told me that , he has spent all his life savings on a lady , at the end of the day the lady dump her, so he wanted to kill himself. One lady also lamented the same issue that , she spent all her life savings on a man to cater for his education, at the end day the guy dump him like a rubbish, through that she is not happy to live on this Earth. Sometimes people ask me how are they going to win their man or woman's heart.

In this article, am going to show you how you are going to used this charm for him or her to love you forever more. This article can help you for a lady or a man to love you like never before. Have you seen tv remote before? If yes what is the used of it. We use remote to control tv channels, then this charm can control him or her like a tv if only you will do it.

Things needed.

1. Love me alone Cream

2. One pencil

3. Picture of you and the person you want to do the rituals with ( Please the picture have to contain the person you are doing the rituals only).

4. Three white candles.

How to Do It

Step 1. Used the pencil to write at the back of both pictures ( just write 'YOU LOVE' ME at the person picture and write 'I LOVE YOU' at your picture )

Step 2. Light up the candles in a triangular form and put the picture inside the triangular form where you have light up your candles .

Step 3. Use the Love Me Alone Cream all over your body and sat in infront of the candle by chanting this words.


Step 4. After the incartations, please combine the pictures face to face by pouring some of the candles infront of the pictures and combine it together.

Step 5. Put it under your pillow for seven days . And after the seven days please take the pictures and hide it some where by not letting it to separate.

That is all, the person will follow you and you will control him or her like a remote. He or she will love you until you separate the pictures . So if you don't want to loose him or her then dont separate the pictures when you are done .


Love me alone Cream is prepared by me and is not sold in any other shop , if you want to do it, you need the cream before you can do it. If you want some of the cream please contact me on zero two four eight six nine six zero three nine.. we do worldwide delivery. Please if you have any Spiritual Marriage problem, you can contact me and I will help you.

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