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Wedding planning scene

Pre- Wedding Photos Gone Bad As Social Media Users React

Nowadays, Pre-wedding pictures are a lot like engagement sessions. They take place before the wedding day. So what makes these photos different? A pre-wedding shoot takes place any time before a couple’s wedding date. But for this pre-wedding photo, the man’s expectations went wrong.

The man boldly wrote “she is mine” in front his shirt while expecting  his “wife to be” the woman to also write “he is mine”, in front of her shirt, but the woman did not, which has set more reactions from social media users.

The woman courageously wrote “he is dreaming”. Social media users reactions towards to it are ;

“That's why I won't even marry...only baby mama's “

“They both know what they meant by what they wrote..... As you can see his eyes are closed. We are the ones misinterpreting their write ups”

“Fear Short women and live long…

Ancient Chinese proverb”

“These why they said love is wicked but because Nagger is soo much into he couldn’t see  nothing wrong”

Pre-wedding pictures are perfect for crafting themed images that can hang in the couple’s home for years to come.

With a pre-wedding shoot, your couple can celebrate their love story before they officially tie the knot! Will this wedding work?

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