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How To Attract A Girl Through SMS

Be witty

Start out by sending a really witty message, which lets her know that you are interested in her. Do not be blatant about your feelings, from the get-go, as that may make you sound too eager, desperate, or casual about the fact. Make it a point that you keep your sense of humor gentlemanly, and not go overboard. Girls will hate having to receive a sleazy message from a guy they have just met.

Learn More About Her

Since it's you who is attracted to her, it will be your responsibility to initiate conversation for the next few days. You must always show interest in her life and learn more about her. Ask her random questions about her likes and dislikes, and take the conversation forward by discussing mutual interests.

Compliment Her

Make sure that you give her genuine compliments and not make them up, just to impress her. Use appropriate flirting tips for texting, such as using cute smiley faces, dots and mentioning her name once in a while. Let her know how much you appreciate her confidence, or the way she looks. However, try not to compliment her too often and keep some bit of mystique about yourself.

Make Her Curious

While conversing turn the conversation around so that, she too is drawn towards you. You can do this by trying to find out more about her, while not talking about yourself at all. Wait for her to ask you questions as well, so that you too will know, that she is interested in knowing more about you. Let her guess and try to figure you out for a change, so that this gives you the opportunity to, learn as to what she thinks about you and what is her impression about you. Never ask a girl, as to what she thinks about you, as that will ruin things. Simply wait for her to let you know, for which she will take her own sweet time. So be patient.

Ask Her Out

If the two of you have been chatting on and off for the past few days, it's time that you ask her out on a date. Try to not make this sound like a big deal or show your nervousness. Instead be straightforward, polite, and casual in your approach. Send her a message, stating that it would be nice to hang out with her and whether she'd be interested to meet up for a coffee. Avoid first dates to turn into movie dates, as the two of you will hardly get to talk, which defeats the entire purpose of getting to know each other better. If she texts you that she can't make it, or that she is busy, take the hint that she isn't really ready yet. Don't ask her out again for the next few days, not until she hints the same to you. Try and ask her out one last time, and if she refuses again, you must understand that she is not interested in taking things to the next level.

In case she accepts to go on a date, try to not make your happiness too obvious. Simply take things slow and get to learn more about each other. Chatting with one another will tell you a lot about the girl's personality and if the two of you are compatible or not. Hopefully, now you have understood how to attract a girl through texting. Haven't you?

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