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10 Mistakes Men Make When Touching A Woman

Have you realized you could be going on a slow good note with the woman of your dreams, could even be your crush but everything bends south all of a sudden?

This may not even be your fault but you always want to blame yourself for it. There are a few rules you should know when dealing with women.

This guides you to avoid non-sexual touches breaks you through creepy touches and lands you on 80% where to touch to make this crush of yours happy.

She may want more of you at the end and may take things to the next level. So, I'll let you know 10 mistakes men make when touching a woman:

1. Fear

2. Checking her body responses after your first

3. In the process, most men don't check which body part she's drawing more than yours

4. Hand-waist body movement.

5. Communicating under a low tone

6. Putting yourself first during your moments

7. Talking about how jealous you are when you see her with other guys.

8. Not enjoying the moment to the fullest

9. Continuous circuit (Don't at any point stop, always have a hand at an initial spot that made her happy)

10. Stopping when she says stop

This going to help you in the long run and one more free tip, get her something she really likes on that day before 1-10 starts.

Content created and supplied by: Jamal (via Opera News )



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