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You have no girlfriend, yet you're charging your battery, What do you need the charged battery for?

Phones have become an integral part of our lives, and like it or not it has become a necessity in our daily activities. Many people have become addicted to their phones and would turn the heavens upside down to find their phone if it got missing. One of the key reasons we use phones is to communicate with our loved ones near or far.

Years ago, before the invention of phones and internet, communication between a man and his supposed girlfriend was usually done in person. But in recent times, the use of phones particularly the internet has helped in making it easy for relationships to thrive. Without a phone it's quite difficult for a man to woo a woman he's interested in. 

A Twitter fan by name Cilla with the handle @im_yhaa has questioned why guys who have no girlfriend tend to worry themselves in charging their phones. In her view, charging your phone without having a girlfriend is of no use. "You no get girlfriend but you dey charge your phone. Wetin you wan use the battery do?? Oh tell me"? She tweeted. 

Some replied that they charge their battery purposefully to watch porn. Another also said the battery is "to subsidies my temperature to get a girlfriend, ns3m hunu akwa". Others also questioned if they're no longer allowed to charge and use a phone anymore simply because they don't have a girlfriend? Check out some other replies below:

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