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Husband and wife relationship

Man Catches Wife Feeding Another Man Whiles He Was Absent In The House.

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A man has recorded a moment he step inside his house and got into the room only to witness his wife feeding another man during his absence.

According to the viral video making waves in the media space ,the wife thought her husband had gone very far and would not be returning soon, so she invited her side man over to her matrimonial home.

In the video, the husband upon noticing the wife was with another man just when he was about to enter decided to start recording the incident at the entrance. When he got in, he saw a man seated comfortable on his couch whiles consuming some food served in front of him on a center table in the presence of his wife.

The husband then attesting that, the house neighbours have been given him reports saying she usual different men whenever he steps out of the house, but he has always denied those allegations not knowing they are actual facts.

But whiles the husband was saying all these things, the man still had the guts to continue eating the food as if nothing was happening. The husband then got angry and slap the food off the table. The reluctant nature of the "womanizer" has sparked so many reactions from social media.

What is your take on this issue. Was pushing the food away from the table the best option or he should have done more than that? Drop all opinions in the comments section.

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