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How to Let People Like You

1. Learn to spot the people who make you feel rejected, unwanted and unhappy.

The emotional vampires, the narcissists, the sociopaths, the hard-driven perfectionists, the control freaks, etc. whoever pushes your buttons and causes you to feel as if all humans behave so abominably, avoid those people.

If you cannot cope with them or feel drained by them, then ignore them when possible and work around them when it's not possible.

Manners are an excellent way to deal with such person be ultra polite without actually connecting in any meaningful way. But whatever you do, don't let such people get to you. And remember, they are not "everybody", just some people, so be discerning.

Keep away from people who make you feel as if you're unlovable or who make their love/respect for you conditional. These people do not deserve to cause you to dislike everyone in the world.

2. Be careful if you generalize about the "whole world".

It is easy to say "every human being is hateful" because sometimes you feel so intensely about things that aren't going right in the world, that you feel all alone.

The reality is that you're not all alone in these feelings and there are plenty of other people who see the injustices you see, who feel the pain you feel and who want this world to be a better, kinder and gentler place. When you generalize about everyone else being horrible, scary and awful, you cut off the potential for meeting the people who can bring light into your life and who can join up with you to do good in the world.

Don't let the people who have done wrong by you cause you to feel less than yourself or to assume that the rest of the world will feel the same way.

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