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VIDEO: Man Publicly Embarrasses Ex-Girlfriend After Seeing Her With Another Guy, Collects Wig

Most men become jealous if they come across their former girlfriends having a good time with another guy. When men encounter their ex-girlfriends with another man, some of them try to embarrass the ladies by revealing any secrets they have about them. As a result, the ex-girlfriends' new boyfriends become discouraged and the relationship ends.

In a probable video skit, the man in your picture was captured reacting jealously after coming across his ex-girlfriend enjoying the company of another man. One cannot tell what caused their break up but it appears the guy was taken care of the lady before their breakup. Not knowing the wig that the lady was wearing at that time was even bought by the ex-boyfriend.

The ex-boyfriend after spotting the lady with the new guy calmly get closer to them and angrily removes the ladies wig and went away with it. The new boyfriend got embarrassed by the situation and asked that lady, "Who is he?". The lady replied, "He is my ex-boyfriend. He bought the wig for me that is why he took it away".

After seeing this video, some social media users speculated that the lady had probably broken up with her previous partner because she saw this new guy with a car. The moral of the story is that a lady should strive to meet her fundamental needs in order to prevent embarrassment in public. New partners should likewise make an effort to look after the women they claim to love.

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