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Why Do Guys Only Want Me For My Nakedness And Not A Relationship?

They say life begins at 40 but for a woman to settle down for life, it ranges between the age of 25 to 30 years. Mostly, ladies who are in their late 20s rush into relationships with the mindset of getting married anytime soon.

Recently, a lady has taken to social media about men reaction towards her when it comes to relationship. This lady is 23 years old and would be turning 24 very soon, and she has been single for almost 2 years. Her mindset for entering into a relationship now is to get a serious man who wants to marry her, but any man that approaches her comes in the name of sleeping with her. They are always commenting on how sexy she looks. She thought maybe dating someone below the age of 25 years was the reason for the unseriousness but after trying men of 27 years and above, they also had the same impression on her.

This lady is confused about her relationship life because all her friends are in good relationships and others own have led to marriage. For her to know why every man approaches her because of her body and not a true relationship, she has taken to a love forum on social media why men always want her because of her body.

Check below the screenshots of people's reactions to her post and their advice;

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