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Ladies Need To Know: 2 Things Men Keep As A Secret.

Let's face it. From getting the seal of approval from your partner's family and friends to understanding each other sexually and so much more, relationships can be complicated. As a lady, have you ever wished you could delve into your boyfriend’s or husband’s mind to figure out what he’s really thinking? For ages, women have tried to interpret “guy-psyche”. But every man is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all explanation for guys’ cryptic tendencies. However, there are two things most men refuse to tell their spouse and prefer it remains a secret to them.

1. He wants you to initiate sex and cuddling.

You may think sexual desire is hard-wired in men, but what men really want is for women to start the whole process for a an intimate section. That’s why it’s such a turn-on when a woman makes the moves. Research from scientific centers shows that cuddling and caressing in a relationship are more important to men than women. However, men are not able to muster the courage to tell their partners about it.

2. What their friends think of you.

While at the end of the day all that matters is what your man thinks of you, it's normal to want the approval from his family and friends. So, if that approval isn't there, he may be hesitant to share this information with you. For this reason, men don't always tell their partners how their friends or family feel about them.

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