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Wedding planning scene

Video: This Is The Craziest Wedding Ever; See How The Gloom Beat Up His Best Man During His Wedding

Dear reader, welcome to this interesting session of Ike's articles on opera news.

In this write up, will let you know more about what I describe as the craziest wedding ever. This is based on crazy reasons attached to the wedding scene.

Wedding is meant to declare to the general public, a marriage relationship taken effect between a man and a woman.

On these occasions, ladies and gentlemen are usually selected to accompany and assist the bride and the gloom in many ways during the occasion.

In this wedding (the craziest wedding ever), a best man and a brides maid were selected.

During the wedding ceremony, several incidents occured which made it look crazy in the eyes of many people.

One of the crazy things that happened was the moment the gloom beat up his best man whilst the wedding was still ongoing.

What lead to the crazy and funny scenes is that the gloom knew absolutely nothing about weddings. So he was just misbehaving. He beat up his best man when he tried to correct him. Especially when he was showing him how to hug his wife.

Have a look at all the scenes in the video below.

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