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Reasons Why You Are Trapped In The Friendzone

Girls don't classify men into those who are in the friendzone and those who are not, for no reason. In life, everything happens for a reason and if you are stuck in a woman's friend zone, she has it too.

1. You are a bit too available

Don't get it wrong, being there for someone is good, but being too available is something else. A common mistake many men make is to always say yes to all requests and invitations from a woman. By now, you are probably her errand boy, her shopping buddy, the one who's always ready to go for lunch, and that friend she can take as a wedding date, when at the last minute she discovers that she has no choice. . The guys who are always available are the ones who have all the ballots to always end up in the friendzone.

2. Your intentions are not clear.

You've been friends for months, even years, and yet she still doesn't know what your intentions are. What usually happens is that men act very nice to women, but they do not show any kind of romantic or sexual interest. Too often, men take it for granted that their acts of affection and exemplary behavior clearly show their intentions. But, just in case you were missing this piece of information, most women will take these kind gestures as platonic.

3. You don't think you're good enough for her.

Sometimes you unknowingly put yourself in the friend zone just thinking you're not good enough for her. This is due to a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

4. You are not her type

You are an amazing boy and still you are parked in the friendzone. Unfortunately, like men, women have a "type" of man that they particularly like. If you think you are a date guy, then you are probably in his friend zone because you are not his type. But don't worry, most of the time, the types can be easily copied, so see what he likes and what he doesn't like, and become his type!

5. You are afraid of losing her.

When you've been in the friend zone for so long, you might be afraid of losing it and that it's no longer in your life. You are not sure how she will react if you tell her your feelings, so you choose to keep quiet and hope that she will magically realize how much you love her.

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