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Husband and wife relationship

How my wedded wife left me because of Menzgold

"Mensgold" has been a blessing to us and at the same time a lesson.

It was 2016 when a friend spoke to me about 'Mensgold'. It was named "Mensbanc" as at that time.

As I heard about it, I managed to secure a huge amount of money (loan) from one of our Banks which I invested into this company.

I have made a lot of money which I enjoyed with my wife from the earnings from my investment.

Until September 2018 when Mensgold was asked to stop operating, I was still making a lot of money.

I made a lot that I was able to extend my hand to my wife's family.


Immediately the company collapsed, my wife started to disrespect me. She can go to work on Friday and come in Monday evening. I don't want to go into detail.

The disrespect and the misconduct continued until I reported her to her family but she never listen to anyone.

Finally in November 2018 when she realized that everything is exhausted, she deserted with her belongings to a rented room.

I did not give up.

I fought my way through until 2020 when I started making money online through one of the online networking businesses.

When she heard about me making money again, she's now coming to my family asking them to apologise to me on her behalf so she can come back to me.

I have lost the love I had for her and I have moved on.

This is a true life story.

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