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'Lower your standards and get married. I met my husband at a Fufu joint' - Prophetess Fosuah Brakye

It is not easy to be a woman, a career woman in this age of civilisation. You will be tempted and insulted upon even if you haven't offended anyone. Marriage will be used against you as a weapon to disgrace and humiliate you, even if you are not interested in getting married. Many women have fallen to the desirous comments from other people and even tried committing suicide, so I tell you sisters in Christ, lower your standards and get married. I met my husband at a Fufu joint, and that was where our connection started, said the Prophetess Fosuah Brakye as she preached and manifested the words of encouragement to her listeners this afternoon.

The prophetess was speaking on the era of women leading the world when one woman asked what they should do when their lifestyles are used as weapons against them whiles they compete with the men for a higher position. The prophetess in answering the question, quizzed that, will one get discouraged if she is about to board a plane to the US and suddenly hears of their parent's departure?

Let me ask you this, after going through hell and struggles, and favour visits you with the blessings of a visa you have been dying to have, and on the eve of your flight to the land you have always dreamt of going, will you stop the flight if you get a call whiles boarding the plane that, your parents had died. Almost everyone answered no to the prophetess.

That is a fight between need and wants. You will later come back to make the funeral arrangement but at that moment of boarding the plane, you will never stop boarding the plane because your parents died. The same applies to your journey as a career woman, don't prioritise wants with needs. 

Your gender will be used against you, your leadership will be questioned, your faith will be tested, and if you are not careful, you will fall from the hill. That is why you need to lower your standards outside of your work and find the man who is your bone to push you. If you bring the same career woman standards to the playfield, you will never meet your husband.

I met my husband at a fufu joint while I was struggling with myself and enjoying my fufu. I had a list of my things sorted but I wasn't still complete. I lowered my standard and started doing what a normal girl should do; taking trotro mostly, going out to get my food instead of ordering, walking down the street instead of chartering a taxi. I got several proposals from men when I lowered my standards from career woman to normal life.

I left the career woman at the office and took humility, dignity, and jovial on the streets. I ate fufu with him at a joint and he was impressed with me, getting down here to eat. I was not wearing anything that should have caught his attention, but lowering my standards gave me him.

We started from there because my heart told me he was the one. Today I have four children with him, he keeps pushing me to the limit, supports me and keeps me safe aside from doing his duties. I wouldn't have met him if I took the career woman standards at the office to the streets. 

I am a CEO of three companies, they are all thriving because of my vivid leadership skills but when I go outside the office, that career woman is left in the office. I fool with the men, laugh, eat, play, jump, cook, wash and do everything with them and that is what makes the game work. Leave the hard intelligent brilliant woman in the office and take obedient and honest woman when you go out, the prophet said in her closing remarks.

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