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White Vrs Red: Which One Is Ideal For Weddings.

Church weddings should certainly not restrict ladies to wear white gowns, why? It's true that white denotes happiness and, probably, purity. Meaning the lady is pure and that day is a fresh beginning for her, which makes it indeed a great day for her.

Although this notion proves right in most cases, Some brides do not fit for such interpretation because by the time they would get married, they would have already been in a sexual relationship already. So although some brides are really pure, it's not general so it shouldn't be a must for all brides to wear white on their wedding. However, white sometimes really looks good on them.

What colour then could be an ideal colour? The most important thing being celebrated on the wedding day is the love between the two couples, hence a colour that signifies this important thing could be an ideal colour.

Taking the colour Red for instance, it has some unlively symbolic meanings but could prove to be the best. For example, the protester or angryman uses the colour red as a sign of warning or danger whilse mourners use the colour red as a sign of a loss of a loved one. On the other hand, lovers do see the red colour as a symbol of love.

It depends on what you want to think. No one remembers the other symbolic representations of red in this February, because they know clearly that the sole purpose of the red colour is to represent love. Hence the other meanings of the colour shouldn't be a problem for the bride. And by the way Red is the most striking colour for most ladies due to how it brings out a woman's beauty. The bride has the right to be in perfect style.

Even aside the various symbolic interpretations of these two colours, red proves to be the the best. Checkout the photos below and judge for yourself.











Although the two colours prove to be striking and extraordinary, designing gowns with red adds a touch of perfection and feminity. However, each individual has specific choices when it comes to colour.

Which of the above discussed colours do you think is best for weddings?

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