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"My Father and Uncle Forcefully Slept With Me With My Mother's Knowledge" Lady Confesses

A woman confessed to her mother that her father used to do funny things to her years ago, and she hoped that her mother would take action as quickly as possible, but she was surprised when her mother refused to believe her, saying that she might be lying.

His uncle first started befriending her, and the lady kept on informing her mother what was going on, but she didn't listen to her daughter or begin any investigation into her daughter's claims.

Eventually, her uncle left, leaving her mother and father to care for the lady. Her father began pursuing her, and when she confided in her mother about what was happening, she just ordered her to stay quiet because it could damage the family's reputation.

All mothers should remember that their daughters may be going through difficult times and should constantly listen to them, according to the girl. Who do you blame her father, mother or her? As a mother would you handle situation like this. Will you doubt your daughter or take action. Again what would make a man to commit such abominable act.

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