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VIDEO: Lady Surprises Her 'Broke' Boyfriend By Sending Him Cash As They Were Chatting

Sometimes men in relationships get broke that do not even have money to buy common food. The sad thing is that some of these guys feel shy and embarrassed to tell their girlfriends that they do not have any money on them. It will take a smart lady to psychologically study the mood of her boyfriend and knows that he has no money on him that day.

The lady in your pictures has surprised her boyfriend who was broke. Not knowing the guy is broke to the extent that he doesn't even have money to buy food on that day. When they were doing the video call, the lady study the mood of her boyfriend and know that there was something wrong with him.

She asked the boyfriend whether there is something bothering him but the guy hide his pains and said that everything is okay. The lady then used a soft tone speech to tell the boyfriend that "We are in a relationship and we are supposed to share our problems, assist and comfort each other in times of trouble".

The guy then told the girlfriend that he has no money on him today. The lady then told the guy that he has really made her feel bad because anytime she asked him for money he provides why is that he is feeling shy to ask her for help. But the guy told him that he doesn't want to disturb her, it is his responsibility to take care of her.

The lady said that it is not true. For every relationship or marriage to be successful both the man and the woman need to support each other in everything. The guy was not trying to understand but the lady sent him N200,000 whiles they were still chatting. The guy got shocked and ask his girlfriend where she get such huge money from. The lady told him that she has been saving some of the money he has been giving to her.

The guy then thanked her and told his girlfriend to come and prepare food for him because he is soo hungry.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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