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Lady gives Up In Relationship After Partner Assaults Her (Photos)

A beautiful woman has given up in relationship after her partner abused her.

She to Facebook to write this;


Suffering different forms of abuse throughout a relationship and remain silent. Forgive, accept, endure, and fall in love again, thinking everything will be better... Afraid to speak up, afraid of people's reaction. Be afraid of threats. Be afraid to step out.

Fear of harming someone and their career. Fear of dying if we speak. The blow I've received was the

LAST! This was the blow to TOO much. And that's who got me up and out that grip. My life doesn't stop there My life doesn't stop at marriage I have so much

talent, so many other things much more positive and ambitious to share with you. I WILL NEVER DO THAT

AGAIN I do NOT encourage bullying, I do NOT encourage hate. So don't try to get revenge in my shoes. I don't need revenge I need to set myself free. Just leave that person alone. Justice and divine

justice will do their job. God is just, God is great. I ain't got no worries. To all women in situations like

this even if you think it's okay & being told marriage isn't easy & must be endured! At the first sign of

violence go away!!!!! I should have left early! Don't wait for the fatal blow. GO!!!! And for you my ex

fiancé I would like to say THANK YOU for honoring me in public I also say GOODBYE and NEVER in public because if I stay I die".


@Itriciamiranda: Baby girl you are soooooo brave! You have a pack of wolves behind you that support you. Take time to heal.... Sending you love and healing energy. GOD bless you

@theotherartofliving: Force à toi jeny


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