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Relationship Ends, Friendship Breaks And People Leave At Times But Do You Know What Does Not Leave?

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In today's world being in someones' life is simply being in a slave camp, ironically. Many people have this perception that life is all about controlling everything around you but who do we become after those things are no more.

Having someone in your life is an opportunity to see yourself in them. How they see you, think, and even an opportunity to know how to manage other people outside your peripheral. 

It's an amazing experience since we all came from different backgrounds, it will be like an experience we have acquired in a short period. It's never easy to have somebody in your life whether work, relationship, friendship, or marriage. It's something you shouldn't take it lightly 'cause not everyone would like who you are, at times people might see you at the first glance and decide to dislike you at some point or forever even though you haven't done anything wrong, it happens all the time.

So, whether in a relationship, work, or any form, do not think you own someone and you can do whatever you like to them. No! it doesn't work like that, cause at some point you and that person can decide to live separately or if possible end whatever relationship you find yourself in, and both of you might turn out to be fine or not, depends on any known reasons to both of you.

Relationships end all the time, people leave their various jobs all the time, and friendship breaks all the time but the only thing that doesn't break or leave is yourself.

Have you ever thought about that? and why people make it seem everything is your fault.

Sometimes we think if they leave, we will find someone, oh yes we will 'cause there is an adage which says "one man's meat is another man's poison" but the question is how long will they stay even if they fit well in our life?. And how long are we going to search for people leaving our attitude behind?.

Let's work on ourselves first before pointing fingers at people, it can be we that are making things a mess.

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