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Read to know why your partner decided to leave the relationship

There are numerous of reasons, where your partner could have decided to leave the relationship. Most relationships are like the fingers, for they are never the same. There are different reasons why couple A could not be together any longer, compared to couple B. 

Are you tired of worrying over the fact that you had no idea of the reason why your partner opted for a breakup? You might not have realized it but the signs were always there, the whole time and you failed to pay heed to it. Sometimes because you have this idea that, your partner is so much in love with you, that they wouldn’t leave your side, you tend to make a mess of their lives. You thought there wouldn’t be a time, where they would call it quit. People would always choose their peace of mind and happiness over love, countless of times, without looking back. 

I have taken it upon myself to enlighten you on the reason why your partner decided to leave the relationship. 

You kept on blaming them for their imperfection:

A relationship is not about two right people, forming it. It is all about two people, who have decided and accepted that no matter each other’s flaws and mistakes, you are willing to make this work. There is a whole difference between encouraging them to be better and blaming them every chance you get. You cannot be in a relationship, while you hurt your partner emotionally on numerous occasions and think they would let that slide. It affects them more than they could ever know, even after breaking up with you. Some end up having to seek professional help, before things get out of hand. 

You failed to appreciate their efforts:

It takes two to make a relationship work. When your partner is giving all their time and efforts and yet still, you don’t see the need to appreciate them, is very disheartening. They cannot keep hurting themselves as they prove to you, how they would love your relationship to work. You would sit there and tell yourself that you are waiting for them to break emotionally, before you acknowledge them. That would be the biggest mistake of your life you could ever make. No one would love to withstand such pain any longer. 

You place your ego and pride as your topmost priority:

When you continuously fail to apologize for your wrong doings, you make your partner not feel worthy of you. You belittle them and believe that at the end of the day, they would pardon you and look the other way. Obviously, it can start like that but for how long. How long would you place your ego and pride above someone you love and would like to spend the rest of your life with?  

Some stay for longer periods of time, hoping that one day, their tears would be over. The moment they leave, they do so because their hearts cannot contain much pain any longer. 

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