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Husband and wife relationship

“Bullet-Proof”: Soldier Man Left His Newly Wedded Wife To Grind Another Lady’s Backside (Video)

Love they say is sweet, but the sweetest thing when you find the right person who understands and cares for you so much. That is why most people enter into relationships without thinking about what they can get but rather the love that exists between them which is the most important aspects in relationships.

According to a video trending on social media, a soldier man got many people wondering as he confuse many at his wedding reception. In the video you could see the freshly married soldier leaving his wife's company to grind another lady in front of everyone present.

Normally, it is at the wedding reception that we see the new couple dancing together and having a good time while the others join them on the dance floor to crown the whole program with much joy.

Because most ladies would like to avoid this kind of thing from happening at their reception service, most of them are seen to cling very tightly to their husbands as they do not want to allow them to be alone to allow other ladies from grabbing the opportunity made available.

Mostly, we hear of the brides stepping on the dancefloor to twerk in order to counter the twerks of other ladies that happen at the function, most because they do not want the attention of their husband to be drawn to the others.

In this particular video, you would be so much surprised at the bride's behaviour as she did not react in any manner showing that she was jealous.

She literally left her man to go and enjoy with a different lady who also stepped on the dance floor dressed in an attire that was drawn to her body like that of the bride.

Even though some people do not agree on the fact that ladies must be jealous when they see other ladies closely attached to their husbands, you would realize that it is sometimes the best idea ever as some ladies do such things and by the time you realize, they have managed to draw your husband's attention away from you.

This is why in a recent video that went viral, a woman who stepped on the dance floor was seen tactfully separating her husband from a slay queen to prevent them from dancing with each other.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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