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Overcome Shyness: How To talk To A Girl You Just Met

Starting or starting a conversation with a person you just met can be difficult, nervousness and shyness can overcome you and generate uncomfortable silences. But talking to people is a skill that you can learn, it is just a matter of practice and following some tips or tricks to be able to put aside your shyness and nerves and speak confidently with anyone. First of all, smile, relax, take an interest in that person. Try to flatter them or pay attention to some detail of theirs that sparks conversation. Perhaps something from a common acquaintance, from the city where he lives, from where he is, from the place where you are.

Start with easy things and emit signs of a kind and sympathetic body language. Smile when speaking. Look into the eyes in a certain way, emit positive signals. Always remember that the conversation is preferable that it has a humorous tone and that it is very positive to make laugh. The most important thing is to have a "desire" to communicate with that person. If there is interest and you win, the topic of conversation will come alone and the ice will melt. Everything said above is valid but if despite everything the conversation does not start, we are going to give you some ideas. These are topics that people talk about easily even when little is known. You do not have to go into personal matters. They are things about tastes, desires, preferences. Remember that you will have to adapt the topics to the type of person, the situation, the moment, etc. You take these topics as a guide. Don't apply it to the letter. You can start any topic by simply saying: "Sorry for asking you this question but ..."

1. If money were not a problem, what car would you buy?

It is a question that interests boys or men in general. Everyone drives, and everyone would like to have a dream car. This question requires being up-to-date on cars or on the substitute matter that is asked. You can also make it negative, what car would you never buy? Alternatives: there are many, home, travel, whim, or simply: If money were not a problem, what is the first thing you would do? This last question is even more flexible and can be fun.

2. What is the strangest thing you have seen in your life?

This question can lead to hilarious answers and a laugh, making barriers and ice melt more easily. The question will work better if you have in the bedroom a funny story of something strange that has happened to you and that you will then tell in a relaxed and entertaining way. Alternatives: you can substitute strange for any adjective: big, heavy, expensive, funny. Depending on where you are and the type of person you are ...

3. What is the best restaurant you've been to?

It can be restaurant or type of food. The truth is that the kitchen gives a lot of itself in a conversation and in any case it is useful information if you want to invite or take the other person to lunch or dinner. Alternatives: You can substitute restaurant for anything ... depending on the moment and the person.

4. What is the most exotic place you've been?

The trips also give a lot of themselves and it is possible to have shared places, experiences, or tell interesting stories. Alternatives: change exotic for "distant", "more dangerous" "romantic".

5. What is the most interesting event you have been to?

A concert, an open-air show, a soccer game ... Because of its relevance, because of the number of people who attended ... The safest thing is that similar experiences will be shared. In these cases, do not tell stories that are superior to those you hear.

6. What is the most amazing thing you have seen?

It also allows you to tell an interesting thing that has happened to you, after what the person in question tells you. The alternatives here are also numerous, you have to replace "the most amazing" by the strangest, the most sympathetic, the most dangerous, the most spectacular ...

Depending on where you are (for example, a store whose prices are very expensive) you can say. What is the most expensive object you have bought? If you are in a restaurant, what is the worst flavor you have ever tasted? You can also make it positive (the most delicious). If you could make one kind of thing disappear, what would it be? Or also: What is the most realistic dream you have ever had? Once you start the best thing is to follow a thread of conversation that you see that "hooks" the person and let yourself be carried away by what they feel comfortable with and amuse them.

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