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End spiritual attack and marriage now with these 3 herbs

Good day to every, it is my pleasure to get intouch with you once again. Today we will be looking at how to end spiritual attack and marriage with some selective herbs.

Spiritually, the simple and neglected phenomenon creates an incendiary discord in your love life because the night husband or wife is a very jealous spirit. And for him or her, you are not entitled to a husband or wife in real life. This explains the senseless divorces, the difficulty in finding a partner and keeping him for a lasting relationship.

Do this direction and have your breakthrough and remember to share to friends.


-Myrrh leaves

-castor leaves



Granulate all the 3 herbs together which is castor leaves and the purslane with water

NB: The bath is taken after midnight for 3 days while you are buring the myrrh in your room on the day you were born, dont clearn yourselve after bathing, wait untill the water dry on you. Thank you

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