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To Be Considered A Beautiful Girl: A Lady Must Have These 8 Body Features To Attract Men

All tastes are in nature. On the other hand, according to the zoologist David Bainbridge, who has just published the book "Curvology: The Origins and Power of Female Body Shape", in which he studies the evolution of the female body, there are more factors that help to determine, according to science, whether a girl is "beautiful" or not.

First of all, he argues that humans are the only species with females who have curves. Moreover, he assures that fat is part of femininity, even if magazines try to prove us the opposite. It is this fat that makes it possible to give curves to women. 

In fact, on average, men are 14% fat and women 27% on average. They get this fat especially during puberty, especially to prepare them for possible breastfeeding, which requires an incredible number of calories. Here are 8 attractions that, according to science, make a woman attractive:

The face

In women, things that we consider "human" are more accentuated: round face, weak jaw, teeth and eyebrows. The taste of men has evolved over time and still evolves today according to cultures. 



The human is the only species in which the female has such "defined" breasts. According to one theory, a woman's breasts appeared by natural selection, while those with curves were considered to be healthier and more fertile than the others. Large breasts are loved by many men, but that's not a rule. They only have to be "feminine".



While men have fairly "straight" arms, women's arms have a certain angle. Indeed, since they have wider hips than men, their arms are made in this way to prevent them from catching when they swing. Thus, a woman with arms that are too straight will be considered less attractive. 



Take a good look at your blonde's fingers! You will see that his ring finger is smaller than his index finger, whereas it is often the opposite with us guys. But why? Studies assume this is because of male sex hormones during fetal development. So a girl will have a better chance of pleasing if her ring finger is smaller than her index finger. 


The belly

The next time you see girls in bikinis, pay special attention to their midsection (don't stare at them for too long though… you might sound like a weird guy!). They are wider than those of men. The reason is simple: it offers more room for the growth of a possible baby. Moreover, the belly is considered around the world as a very attractive part of the body, because it is linked to reproduction. Thus, a woman with a very small sell may be considered less attractive.

Thighs and behind

Did you know that women with bigger thighs have been known to give the world smarter children? This could be explained in particular by the higher presence of lipids in the thighs and buttocks which would help the growth of the baby's brain. A woman with rounded buttocks will gain more points for men. 


The size

According to one theory, men attach great importance to the height of women. Women with a short stature would be more attractive because they would show that they are not pregnant. Another study indicates instead that women with a smaller waist are smarter than others. It is good to note that this study is disputed ...



Contrary to popular belief, men would not prefer girls with legs of infinite length. In fact, it would be more of average height legs. On the other hand, regardless of the size, the legs must be very straight. It is, indeed, a sign of genetic health. 

 Obviously, all of this is purely theoretical. You can find a gorgeous girl who has none of these eight attributes. You don't necessarily need science to tell you whether a girl is beautiful or not.

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