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A Lady Was Caught Making Out With Two Guys

A lady was caught making out with two guys in class. This is how it all happened. One of guys previously went to propose to the girl but the girl bounce him. The most interesting part is that the girl insulted him and told him that ,he wasn't her class. The bounced guy who was a friend to the girl's boyfriend and planed to mafia the girl the some. so he wanted to do something to show the girl too. He wanted to pay the girl back. The guy couldn't do anything to the girl initially. He was just angry of the girl. All his plans couldn't succeed until one particular day in class. When they closed class the girl and boyfriend did not go home early. They stayed back and wanted to chop love. When most of the students went home. It left the two people ,the girl and the boyfriend. They started making love and the other guy came caught them red handed in class.

They begged him not to report to the teachers or authorities. But the guy insisted he would report them the following day. So they continuously begged him until he finally decided unless the girl make him sleep with her too. They girl said she won't allow. But the guy threatened to report them if she doesn't allow. So the girl allowed the two guys to slept with her. The two guys made out with the her They all chopped the girl. Unfortunately for them the security man caught them on camera. This is very sad and it could happen to any girl. Please girls do not Insult a guy if he come to propose to you no matter his class.

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