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I saw a ghost and people keep proposing to me because they think am a gay-Robert Awuah.

The aggressive interview is a program held by Kwaku Manu and this time around he had an interview with a man called Robert Awuah. He has been dressing like a lady and he is well known as the aberewa mafia on social media. He talked about his background and he said he comes from Kobo but his mother is a Ga. I spent all my life in Accra, the last time I went to Krobo was when my dad passed away. My mom gave birth to three children and all of them are boys. I want to be a policeman so am working hard so that I will make the dream will come true.

He then clarified how he saw a ghost while he was on his way home. A close friend of mine passed away recently, and it hurts me a lot. A week later I went out with my friends to have some fun and unfortunately I got drunk a little. After that, I decided to come home, on my way coming, I felt very tired so I decided to stand someplace and rest for some time. I heard someone calling me so I decided to respond and see who was calling me. When I turned it was my friend who had passed away even though I was tipsy but I saw my friend. So I run away when I reached home I felt very sick and I was shivering. It wasn't easy for me because the sickness was getting serious so my mom had to take me to a place for a spiritual direction. After that then everything became alright for me.

Dressing like a lady has made people propose to me a lot on my social media. I decided to dress like this during the lockdown. I dress like this then I make a video and post it on my TikTok and a lot of men have been texting me. They think am a.ay but I am not even though I dress like a woman. Right now I love dressing like this and I don't think I can't stop now.

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