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3 Harsh Reasons Women Are Not Falling For You.

In this article, I'm going to let you know why some ladies don't find you attractive. Why they don't fall in love with you.

1. Stuck in the past.

A lady has disappointed you in the past, so you don't want to put more effort into your new relationship. I will tell you to know that it is totally wrong of you. Not all women are the same. You don't even know if your new girlfriend is honest and she is not like your past girlfriend who betrays you. If you don't show your new girlfriend deep affection you might end up losing her. Don't allow the bad portion of your past to dictate your future. Don't get stuck in the past and believe in your new relationship.

2. Unrealistic standards.

Here is a case whereby you made your list of the type of woman you want. You want a woman who has big breasts, a big backside, is average tall, beautiful, and so on. But she misses just one of the list and you are like "nooo" she is not the woman I want. Then I think no woman will want a guy like you just because she misses on some of your standards.

3. Looking for support

You always want women to support you. You always fold your arms and want her to provide every day. As a man, that is your duty, not her's. As a man, you should not depend on a woman. She will see you as a useless man.

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