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Divorce Affair

Cheating Can Never Be A Better Option.

Every relationship or marriage has its’ own challenges; however, that is not a justification for cheating. Can the pleasure you derive from being a cheat be likened to your self-worth? It is demeaning to cheat.

As I mentioned in my previous article, cheating is an act of indiscipline and is unacceptable. Even if you are not getting whatever satisfaction you expected in marriage, cheating is not a better option. Cheating connects you psychologically with whoever you commits the act with. Lately, cheating has become the other of the day for some people as though it is normal. For me, I think it will be prudent to be separated than to be together and be cheating on your partner.

Until you master singlehood, you are likely to have difficulty being faithful to your partner. The excuse of not being satisfied is not a tangible reason to be unfaithful. Half a loaf is better than none; appreciate what you have. You have to make it a priority to work your relationship or marriage out. It is possible to cheat even if your “partner in crime” is your spouse.

A gentleman I knew back in the days, worked for a married woman in her matrimonial home. Later on, he told me he surmised the woman was interested in him she gave her telephone number to him. As though it was a movie, he called her, and they arranged to meet somewhere out of town. What happened between them? You guessed right. The woman cheated with this gentleman. What if this gentleman has any disease or any infection or vice versa.

If you have the opportunity to know the kind of people who ate from the plate you are eating from in the restaurant, I am not sure you will not eat from it. Just imagine it.

Why burden your mind with thoughts of somebody who is not your partner and ruin your life? You can not have enough of anything in this world because of your human nature. The fact is, you will realize that there are prettier ladies or more handsome guys than your partner. That shouldn’t be a problem for you to cloud your beautiful self with impurity.

Whatever challenges you may be facing, cheating is never a better option. Again I say, recess and rethink. Seek help from God, talk to the right person for counsel. It is well.

Thanks for reading.

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