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15 Countries Where Men Are Outnumbered By Women

By KwesiPino | self meida writer
Published 23 days ago - 2 views

Some nations are suffering from a terrible human drought. This social dynamic has added to the fear and insecurity of women while inflating the sense of self of men. Men realize that women are still standing in line, so they can do what they want. On the other hand, women know that their partner is likely to share, and this places them in a state of extreme competition. In these nations, the narrative that they need to 'become serious,' and stop being picky because men are running out, was marketed to women. And they were forced to give up their 'princess attitude' to avoid being spoiled brats. In the end, some of them have had to lower their expectations, even though they deserve more. A significant number of these countries are made up of former Soviet republics, such as Ukraine, Latvia, Armenia, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Estonia.

But why?

According to psychologists, it is a 'hangover' that comes from more than half a century ago. Since at least World War II, most Soviet men have perished in combat or left their countries to fight. In Russia, there were only 76.6 men per 100 women in about 1950. However, over the years, that number has been increasing steadily. The other thing is that most men from former USSR nations die at a young age because of heavy drinking, diseases, suicide, and accidents. The next victims are the Caribbean, including Aruba, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Curaçao. Ironically, women in these male-deficient countries seldom want to marry their men. Their men are never a great match or they are lazy and incompetent. Let's look at these nations in depth.



Gender ratio: 86.80 males/100 females

The ambition of Russian women was always to marry and to have ordinary families, but there was always a problem with the lack of men. Part of the problem stems from alcohol use in Russia, resulting in poor health and medical conditions. It is a tradition for Russian men to get together after work and get drunk before going home. Not surprisingly, Russia ranks among the countries with the highest divorce rates. The other cause of the shortage is the result of a century of bloody wars, revolutions, and gulags that depleted the male population. In contrast, the life expectancy of men is lower compared to that of women. Though females have a life span of 73 years, males have a life span of just 59 years. The prospects for dating are so grim that women have actively chosen to stay single. In Moscow alone, you'll be surprised to find over 3 million single women between 25 and 50 years of age. In the majority of cases, Russian men find themselves spoiled. This makes them more narcissistic and motivates them to obey the societal practice of drinking. Unfortunately, the situation is so apt that women are forced to stay in abusive marriages as their chances of remarriage are small.



Gender Ratio: 97 men Per 100 women

New Zealand has been faced with a lack of men for a few years now. The deficit is so extreme that it pushed young women to abandon their hometowns in search of their own. Women between the ages of 25-44 who are searching for a soul mate find it more difficult to find matches that are compatible. In New Zealand, women outnumber men by a whopping 80,000, and that amounts to 100 women out of every 97 men. The most affected is the district of Kawerau on the North Island, followed by Kapiti Coast, which has a gender ratio of 82 males per 100 females. In Taupo, there are 600 more women than men, and although the number may seem unimportant, in this small town with a population of just over 30,000, it makes a difference. As a result, women fled to Waiouru, where they could be preyed upon by men from the military camp. Additional regions impacted include Northcote, Glenfield, and North Shore. Kiwi women have had to lower their standards, particularly when considering men with lower academic qualifications. However, most of them were left lonely, particularly those under 30.



Sex ratio: 84.80 males/100 females

It is a former republic of the USSR that experienced a significant reduction in the male population during World War II. By 2015, 54.10 percent of the overall population was made up of women. Like other former Soviet republics, men have a higher mortality rate owing to a macho society that idolizes smoking, gambling, and reckless driving. Also, 80 percent of suicides are committed by Latvian residents for several reasons, the most common being unemployment and unrealized ambitions. After Latvia withdrew from Soviet Communist control, it was mostly females who coped well with the transition. For females, there is a larger life expectancy and they are well trained. Currently, more women are studying in research schools, making it impossible for them to locate mates with equivalent degrees of knowledge. Unfortunately, by the time the woman is ready to settle down, men either die early or are about to end their lives. Latvian women are the tallest in the world, but most of them end up alone because they can't find men who are equal to them. For their guys, they have so many choices they barely note.



Gender Ratio: 88.5 men Per 100 women

There was a human resources exodus in the run-up to the 1997 handover that left Hong Kong with fewer men aged 25-59 years old. There are nearly 1% more women than men aged 30-35 years of age, and 5% more women than men between 35-60 years of age. The males and females were largely on equal until 1992, when males started to decline in the 25-year age range. By 1995, there had been a large decrease in males in their 30s, and by 1997, the range had increased from 25-40 years. By the turn of the century, males between the ages of 25-50 had deteriorated in large numbers. This is mostly because Hong Kong was left to start life by the majority of men in Europe, Australia, and America. They left their families behind, because they were worried about 1997. Unfortunately, they never returned. There has also been a steady migration over the past ten years of female refugees from Indonesia and the Philippines seeking employment as domestic helpers. Currently, 300,000 such women are now registered in Hong Kong. By 2014, Hong Kong had 858 men per 1000 females.



Gender Ratio: 85.30 men Per 100 women

The larger demographic difference between the ages of 30-40 is attributed to a higher rate of mortality caused by smoking and drinking. Such practices subject individuals to depression, suicide, mental illness, and make them reckless risk-takers. At the beginning of 2012, there were 1.7 million women in Lithuania, an increase of 255,000 relative to men. Women made up 54 percent of the workforce, meaning that there were 117 women for every 100 men. For every 100 men in Vilnius, which is the capital of Lithuania, there were about 123 women. Although the average life expectancy of women is 79.3, males mostly live up to 68.1 years. It's going to be 11 years! This means that more women are also seeking life partners. In Lithuania, this is why most brides are Western-oriented. Most Americans, probably because Lithuania is one of America's allies, tend to share relations with Lithuanian ladies. A significant population of Lithuanians have also immigrated to the U.S., and most Lithuanian women have relatives around Los Angeles and Cleveland. This made it much easier to acculturate Lithuanian mail order brides into the American style of life.



Sex ratio: 90.8 males/100 females

The physical elegance of the Hungarians can stun you as you step down the streets of Budapest. Budapest lets the juices flow, because it is a spot of passion and affection. The city is a chessboard for many outsiders (Germans, Russians, Gypsies, and Turks), and that is why Hungarian women are some of the best-looking women in the world. An army of beautiful women who comprise 53 percent of the population is stacked with the country. But the dilemma is that the majority of women have difficulty identifying dates. Not surprisingly, in Hungary, men expect women to assume the hunting role and take the first step. The fact that most prospective men are already in the custody of their parents makes Hungarian women furious. The sex ratio in Hungary in 1970 was 94.06 males per 100 females, but it fell to 90.59 males per 100 females in 2015.



Gender Ratio: 86.30 men Per 100 women

Like other former Soviet nations, Ukraine's male scarcity is due to shorter life spans, hunger, and poor health. Self-destructive behaviors such as heavy alcohol intake, smoking, drug addiction, and elevated sexual activities cause all of these. At some point, around 2013, the nation recorded 15.75 deaths per 1,000 inhabitants. Ukraine had a shortfall of almost 3.6 million men by 2014, and men's life expectancy was 62 years, well behind that of women. In Ukraine, the rate of premature death among working men is three to four times higher relative to that of other EU countries. Almost a quarter (or 22 percent) of Ukrainian males die between 40-60 years of age. In some small towns all over the country, you can find only nine females out of six males. This has left more women in Ukraine and less men. In reality, most Ukrainian women are left to find foreign husbands. The Second World War has mostly been criticized for the low male population.



Gender Ratio: 85.60 men Per 100 women

By 2015, the female population made up 53.0 percent of the total population, and a large chunk of them were from 15-64 years of age. Men here have a shorter life expectancy of 72.4 years, compared to 80.2 years for women, and this has left the island swarming with attractive women. The land is a Caribbean paradise which stands out for its Dutch heritage. Willemstad, the capital, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is a perfect mix of colours, persons, sounds, and buildings. The island is a melting pot of over 50 nationalities, but Afro-Caribbeans make up a huge chunk of that number. If you are a white male from America or Europe, you are a treasure, since men are rare, and their wives do not adore the available ones.



Gender Ratio: 88 men Per 100 women

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, had 230,154 women at one point and just 185,990 males. In fact, in the second largest district of Tallinn, Mustamäe, there was a more prominent difference. This has created strong demand and competition for the few available men in a nation with the highest number of global models per capita. When you walk through the streets of Tallinn, you will see its beauty, and don't be shocked when a woman tries to strike you, particularly if you aren't local. It is understood that when they search for girlfriends, Estonian men make a small effort. Most of them, alas, love booze and seldom pay attention to women. The notion of an ideal family, a home, and a wife is rare in Estonia, as most men are unmanageable. Currently, previous study has found that 80% of high school students live alone in single-parent households in Tallinn.



Sex ratio: 90.6 males/100 females

A multitude of men fled the country somewhere between 2006 and 2010, as opposed to women. This is one of the reasons that Aruba has a higher number of females. Men have a lower life expectancy than women as well (72.5 years for males and 78.6 for females). One outstanding thing about Aruba is that its ethnic makeup has always been varied and fluid. The bulk of women are from Colombia, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic, and they love men from Europe and America. When you are a white guy looking to date a stranger, go no further than Aruba. There, the women are lovely, and most of them focus on fleeing their country. Remember, however, not all women are from Aruba, so you would be given an upper hand by speaking Spanish. Those who have been there insist that it is only important to avoid the tourist areas.



Gender Ratio: 86.00 men Per 100 women

This butterfly-shaped French territory is also known as the' island of sparkling seas.' It is the center of Creole Caribbean society, where cuisine, music, dance, and language have been profoundly inspired by the Caribbean, French, and African cultures. In 2012, the Guadeloupe population made up just 0.6 percent of the French population. This may be because the average population growth rate of the archipelago fell dramatically between 2006 and 2012. Worse, the population is expected to be decreased in the future. Most of its new population is aging because of a low birth rate and a negative migration balance, but it has not stopped French sun-seekers from flocking there. It has nice conditions, and most holidaymakers want to flirt with easy-going ladies from Guadeloupe. It's like women in Guadeloupe ignore their men and giving foreign men all the emphasis.



Gender Ratio: 86.50 men Per 100 women

After Armenia left the Soviet Union in 1991, a large portion of its population, mostly men, left the country. Hundreds of Armenian brothers, sons, and husbands have left Armenia to search for work in other parts of the world. The women were alone then, in order to cover the gaps. Most of them had to take over the households and make choices about men who were usually appointed. They had to take jobs to increase the cash sent from abroad by their guys, too. A third of today's Armenian families are headed by a woman. In most circumstances, the wife is either unmarried, single, or the husband is abroad and sends the family money. It is estimated that among about 1,000 women aged 20-24, there are only 775 males. A decent number of single women live with their parents, and the most likely to leave the nation is this group. For human smugglers who promise them overseas opportunities, they are also easy targets. Yet as they arrive in foreign countries, their passports are seized and they are forced into prostitution.



Gender Ratio: 84.50 men Per 100 women

The French Caribbean island of Martinique is picturesque with its colourful wooden homes and beautiful water. Life is laid back there, and you can claim it simply. By 2007, women accounted for 53.5 percent of the overall population in Martinique. This is likely that women (women have a national average of 85.1 years and men have a national average of 78.8 years) have a higher life expectancy and, thus, live longer than men. Much of Martinique's population is ageing and, as the young people depart, most pensioners return to the mainland or other countries such as Europe, the USA, and Canada. Women are often left behind as men leave to go and care for the family. As a consequence, a lack of men is evident in Martinique. A lot of women are there, but not enough men for them. In Martinique, this has caused a good number of women to look for love elsewhere.



Gender Ratio: 86.80 men Per 100 women

To Belarusian women, it was known that going to strangers was easy. This is mainly because there are not enough men to keep up with the number of women in that Eastern European country. Belarus is known to have lovely ladies, but the country has an old-fashioned Soviet mentality with respect to how women esteem foreigners. These women are also eager to share time with foreigners, as they deem them unique and adventurous. Statistics have shown that Italian and Turkish boys are the most popular. They are then joined by Arab and African Americans. Then, closely pursue the British, French, Swiss, German, Finnish, and Spanish. The woman there prefer strangers because they hope these exotic guys will change their living standards. Most Belarusians believe that the low male population is because Hitler murdered most of WWII's good citizens.



Gender Ratio: 92.47 men Per 100 women

In Moldova, the ratio was 87.84 males per 100 females in the 1970s, but it rose steadily, and by 2015, it was 92.47 males per 100 females. You can immediately say that there are more women if you attend clubs or other social activities, and most of them are very appealing. At the discos around Chisinau, girls sit in a circle and expect to be picked by someone. At all times, they search the room while retaining a friendly smile. Moldova is a poor country run down by local mafias and unable to employ any of its people. That's why the majority of girls in Moldova hardly search for jobs. Alternatively, to 'rescue' them from their sad condition, they're always hunting for foreign guys. A male outsider is adored, and a typical Moldovan woman will want to do something to draw the interest of such a man.

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