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Nora poured acid on me because she said I was beautiful and I don't want to be friends with her- Lady

Nora poured acid on me because she said I was beautiful and I don't want to be friend with her- Lady

A threat is when someone says that they are going to do something bad to you. People might threaten you, or your family, friends, pets etc. as a way of controlling you and making you do what they want you to do.

If someone is threatening you, it can be a very scary thing. Threats can be about various things they may threaten to be violent, or to spread horrible gossip or lies, or they might know one of your secrets and are threatening to tell people. Whatever they are threatening, it’s not ok for someone to try and control you in this way –depending on the type of threat being made you could report it to the police.

A pretty lady on facebook has written the sad story of what happened to her on the 2nd of may, 2020 when a jealous woman paid some people to pour acid on her beautiful face.

According to the records she gave, she made it recognized that a lady in 2019, whose name become given as Nora Mesumble contacted her as a purchaser and informed her she desired to get some merchandise from her store and because of this, she gave out shop's deal with to her and he or she commenced patronizing her with the aid of buying her merchandise often and all those instances she do come to her save, the woman do try to carry out some topics that isn't associated with her commercial enterprise and due to that, she won't respond to those subjects.

Some days later, Nora texted the sufferer and told her that she simply were given to recognize that they both live within the same community and that, she should ship her residence address to her, as she will want to come visit her, because the victim, whose name became given as Gi Sylvie started out turning into uncomfortable and because of this, she told her that she become now not always around and that, whenever she is around, she will be able to permit her realize.

After this, Nora began feeling that Sylvie become ignoring her, as she opened a faux facebook account and began insulting the sufferer (Sylvie) and her own family participants, calling them ridiculing names and because of this, people started out asking her questions about the Facebook posts been made against her, if she knew the man or woman, however she instructed them she does not who the individual changed into, even though she already knew it turned into Nora.

After someday, every other individual walked up to her and informed her that Nora become behind those facebook posts and she nevertheless pretended as if she doesn't recognise some thing approximately it and after this, she contacted Nora's child daddy and instructed him to help her warn his child mama to forestall all what she became doing to her on Facebook however, Nora did not stop.

However, because of this, Sylvie also published Nora's image on her timeline and said ridiculous such things as she stated approximately her and while Nora noticed this, she confirmed her baby daddy and informed him that, she (Sylvie) is posting insulting matters approximately her on Facebook because, she wanted her (Nora) to enroll in her fraternity, in order that she will be able to begin making money like she is earning profits, but she rejected it.

She further advised her child daddy that she opened the fake account and started insulting Sylvie due to the fact, she become threatening her to join her fraternity to begin earning money like her and that, Sylvie is threatening her because she concept she turned into stunning more than her.

After this, they both planned to ruin her face via contracting men, Eventis and his buddy who poured on her face on the 2d of May, 2020, as the acid burnt 15% of her frame including her face, chest, and hand, as one of the guys who poured acid on her confessed while he arrested, even though the mastermind of the assault and her infant daddy are still at the run.

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