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A Mother Of Two Revealed What Her Husband's Uncle Told Her After She Got Married To Her Husband

A woman named Juliet got pregnant after a few years of dating her boyfriend but he didn't accept the pregnancy, she then went to her stay at her mother's house for some time, and eight months later, her boyfriend came to plead with her to forgive her and she accepted his apology, he even promised that he is now ready to accept the pregnancy. Unfortunately, the baby did not survive after she gave birth.

The woman said her boyfriend is a driver but his daily income was not enough to rent a room for them to stay in, he took money from his mother to rent a room before they got a place to stay. Her mother-in-law also came to stay with her after she gave birth again. Some years later they decided to get married but Juliet said she helped him to buy all the necessary items they will need for their marriage ceremony.

But the man's uncle told him not to get married to her a day before the marriage ceremony but he didn't listen to his advice and continued with the marriage. After the marriage, Juliet husband's uncle told her that he will let her go through lots of difficulties in her marriage because they didn't listen to his advice but went ahead to get married. Juliet said what the uncle told her affected her marriage, she faced challenges in the marriage.

Her husband was working but he gave her only GH10 to take care of their two children throughout the whole day and also used some of the money to prepare food, apart from that, they started having financial crisis and they were not able to pay their rent, they went to stay her at the husband's family house. Juliet said the man's behaviour totally changed, he only comes home at midnight, this behaviour brought a misunderstanding between them, his family members too supported her husband and she even fought with one of them.

Juliet then went to rent another room but her husband told her that he will not follow her to stay in that room. He again came to plead with her to accept him to stay with her after some months. The woman said she thought he has changed his behaviour but still he came home late. Juliet said the problems she is facing in her marriage has made her become fed up with the marriage and even regrets for not listening to what his uncle told her but went ahead to stay her husband.

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