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On Your Wedding Day Be Circumspect With Those You Choose As Bridesmaids - Pastor Agyemang Elvis

The founder of Grace Mountain Ministry, Pastor Agyemang Elvis, advises potential brides to be vigilant as to who they choose as bridesmaids on their engagement and wedding day to dance before and behind you.

He said that the agenda of your bridesmaids may not be what she terms to do.

"On your wedding and engagement day, be circumspect with those you choose as bridesmaids to dance before and behind you," he said.

According to the renounced Man of God, not every bridesmaid meant well because some will intentionally dress and display their sensitive parts to show that they are beautiful and sexier than you and send a sign to your husband that he made a wrong choice.

"Anyone who dresses on that day to abnormally exposes her sensitive parts has an agenda beyond just coming to support you to be engaged to a man of your own. Some come to prove that they are finer and sexier than you. And nicely send information to your husband that he didn't choose well. And most unguarded men end up dating bride's maids because they get seduced on the wedding and engagement day."

He said that though a wedding day is just one day and marriage is for life and a mistake on the wedding day can affect the marriage for a lifetime.

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