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5 Things Women Find it Difficult to Tell Their Men Even If They Don't Like It

Women have their likes and dislike about men. There are things some women will easily voice out. On the other hand, there are other things that pissed them off yet may contain it for sometime without the man knowing.

Some of them includes:

No Attention to Details

Most women dislike it when their men don't pay attention to details around them. Women generally expert their men to have their eyes on almost everything around them.

For example, when she fix her hair or wears something new, notice that and compliment her. Women get really frustrated when men don’t notice the small things they do.

Being Egoistic

Women naturally adores men with confidence. It is a very attractive quality. When these attribute is applied beyond measure is a total turnoff. They don't like it when become pompous because and start talking too much about their cars, house, money, etc.

Always being on your Phone and Ignoring Her

Women don't take it might when their men sacrifice their attention fir other things especially their phones. Though sometimes, it's hard for them to talk about it, they hate it. The situation becomes worse they are expressing their thoughts or feelings and deep into a serious conversation and you start checking your phone. It’s also disrespectful and plain rude to always be on your phone and ignore her messages or take too long to reply.


Most women will just want to know the truth even if it hurts them than telling them lies Some men might lie about small things because they think it will upset women. It upsets them even more to know that you’re lying so be honest.

Controlling Her

No matter how submissive a woman is, they hate it when a men tries to control their life. Women are pissed off when then man tries to dictate everything for her. friends. She wants to feel equally independent and not held back to explore her own path. There’s a thin line between trying to protect someone and trying to control them. Though it is difficult for women to tell their men.

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