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Laugh And Release Your Stress With These Hilarious Pictures

Happiness is not an occasion that we expect to come once a year or two to four years but what is within us and we need to do for our benefits.

1. When your wife is the head of the family.

Happy people are healthier. If you need another reason why you should be happy right now, here's a good one.


Research shows a direct correlation between health and happiness. Happy people tend to take better care of themselves by exercising more and eating healthier than unhappy folks.

3. When you always want to do your father's will.

Happiness is the one feeling which we all want. When we are happy we are carefree and less stressed. Seeing the happiness of your loved ones makes you happy.


I understand your question, but I think it's much better to crave happiness than some other superficial and materialistic feeling. Happiness gives meaning to one's life, which would otherwise seem like a waste.


No one knows what's the real purpose of life, and maybe we will never know. Thus to avoid living a hollow and purposeless life, we have come up with a purpose which is to be happy and do what you want to do.


And well, who doesn't like happiness? It's much better than sadness. If you think that you have a better purpose, please do fulfill your happiness.

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