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Easy Tricks To Control Your Mind

The human mind is the most sophisticated part of the body. Every single aspect of the body is connected to the brain through receptors and neurons running through every corner inside the body. In most cases, some people see the brain as a threat, but not as a powerful tool to execute. The reason is simple: It's either you rule your mind or allow your mind to rule you. Many people have become vulnerable to take control of their own mind. As a result, life seem a painful experience for them.

To take absolute control over your mind, three effective strategies will be considered in this article.

● Focus on what you can do

The mind is smart and can outsmart you before you are aware of it. We all have weaknesses. But if we constantly think about them, the mind magnifies the problems and steal the moment. The surest way to manage your thoughts is to be grateful for and focus on the things you can do. It doesn't matter how small they are, if you do this consistently you will seize control of your thoughts.

● Smile at your weaknesses

This sounds weird, but it's effective. Instead of allowing your shortcomings to derail you, you can minimize its intensity by smiling at them. Here's what you need to do. Keep in mind that negative thoughts cannot be stopped. So when you catch yourself sliding into negative thinking, relax and then smile at the funny thoughts that are flushing through your mind.

● Don't try to remove negative thoughts

One mistake of which we are all guilty is trying to remove negative thoughts. Sadly, there's no subtraction and division in our mind. There's only addition and multiplication. You trying to remove negative thoughts will multiply itself plenty of times in your mind.

Here's an easy way to understand: If I asked you not to think about monkeys, in the next few seconds monkeys would be everywhere in your mind. This is because once the mind is identified with something it can't be removed. In order to beat this, reflect on past experiences of excitement. The trick is that the longer you reflect on good things the lesser the negative thoughts become.

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