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Love In The Kitchen Gone Wrong

It is always comes with joy, fun and full of happiness when you have a romantic partner. Love is sweet when you with the right person they say.

In a video sighted on twitter which is gone viral on various social media platforms is seen a lady cooking in a kitchen. A gentleman who walked into the kitchen and suspected to be his partner or fiancée; could not resist to touch the lady’s ass! upon reaching in the kitchen, seeing his lady dressed in a long and tight black and white dress with her curves body, he has to do it.

Being a romantic man and wanted to make her lover happy, he tried to seduce her by kissing her. With full of joy, he raised the lady to sit on the wall and unfortunately on their part, the lady sat on the burner.

Come and see drama in the kitchen.

Watch the video below.

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By: Mohammed Ibn Nanzari Charisma


Content created and supplied by: MNCNEWS (via Opera News )

Love In The Kitchen Gone Wrong


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