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Surviving suicide my story

Suicide attacks or suicidal thoughts can be very disturbing and difficult to deal with, especially when you have no one to talk to. In today’s article I would be sharing with you my suicide story and how I was able to overcome it. Many of our youths today, are faced with so many life threatening issues and the only way they could solve these issues is to end their life.

Some years back, I think in the year 2014 I was faced with so many issues, I mean life threatening issues. It all started when I lost my mum, that will be a story for another day. I was done with secondary school and nothing, absolutely nothing seems to be working for me. It was all about the partying for me, I never wanted to do anything because no matter how hard I tried, nothing was working.

Within that same year, I met this guy, we were so much in love that I thought of nothing else but that relationship. He was in school as at the time, we grew so fond of each other that, I knew nothing was going to break us up. He completed his education so he left where I was to his town, little did I know that he had completed with our relationship also lol life! I decided to further my education and move on with my life. I wanted to be a nurse at the time, I bought the forms, I had failed in my maths (which is normal but please you shouldn’t fail, learn hard okay) so I was asked to write an entrance exam, I passed the exam hurray! I went for an interview and I was picked atlas some good news amidst my heart break.

It was time for me to go to school, i was ready for school but my school fees. I waited and waited but the money never came. I was back to square zero Sad huh? Hmm. I had to change numbers out of shame because, the few friends I had made kept asking questions. I didn’t give up I tried the second time, it didn’t work, the third time, it still didn’t work and that was when I gave up.

I cried each morning, I ate less or nothing at all, I wasn’t talking to anyone and any my sister asked if I something was wrong I said nothing. That is when I started having suicidal thoughts, nothing seems to be working for me I felt hopeless and lost. When I am with my family I’m okay but when I’m alone, I start having suicidal thoughts and I would cry.

I went to church one evening and whilst the pastor was praying, he said and I quote “spirit of suicide I come against you” I was shocked. It then dawned upon me that the devil wanted to take my life and ripe me off of all my latter blessings. I came to the realization that, everything I was going through wasn’t normal, it was the work of the devil. I knew what was happening so each time the thought of suicide comes into mind I pray about it.

Suicide is ripping people off their blessings, do not listen to that voice pushing you to end your life because you are going through crisis, and to the friends who would always find a way to ridicule someone’s situation please put a stop to it sometimes, it is not the devil but our own self that would push them to commit suicide. Check up on your family often, talk to your friends when you don’t hear from them for a while, do not ignore people when they reach out to you, sometimes it is not your money they want but that little word of encouragement. We are in this world to help each other so please help once you get the opportunity to.

I didn’t commit suicide and today, I’ve completed school, started my own business and found love again. You can too Yes! you can. The one voice you might properly want to listen to, Is the voice which tells you to wake up and go make yourself a better person don’t listen to that suicide voice. See you in the next article and always remember Suicide Is Not An Option! 


Content created and supplied by: EfuaSmith (via Opera News )


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