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10 Types Of Friends You Should Never Have

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1. A friend who is a friend to someone you call your enemy. They may gang up against you.

2. A friend who is always jealous and envious of your progress. They usually pull you down.

3. A friend who have double standard. They may influence you badly.

4. A friend who is selfish, and self-centered. They can't help or assist you in life. All they want is to satisfy their wants and needs.

5. A friend who doesn't want to adapt to change but only believes he knows everything. They usually do not accept their mistakes.

6. A friend who derives pleasure in playing with your emotion. They will weigh you down emotionally.

7. A friend who have no vision in life. You will waste your life with such friends.

8. A friend who doesn't like to work and develops cold feet in pursuit of life's purpose. You will never get help from them. Such friends are always in need of something from you. They will always take from you.

9. A friend who sees nothing good in other people. Such friends don't usually value friendship. Stay away from them.

10. A friend who always like to settle for an average life. Your progress will always intimidate them.

Make friends with people who will never celebrate your mediocrity; rather tell you the TRUTH. He or she might be your angel.


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