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5 Differences Between Prostitution And Escorting by Marketing Manager

Prostitution and Escorting were always popular and widely consumed. Sex professions date back a long time ago and are becoming increasingly more popular with time. Prostitution and escorting date back to ancient times. They were popular in Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and the Middle Ages! But despite all the time that has passed, even nowadays, many people don’t know the difference between these two professions. If you are amongst them, maybe this article will sort things out.

The term 'prostitute' originates from the Latin language and remains to this day in Western society. During the 1970s activists and sex workers slowly rejected the phrase 'prostitute', and the blanket term became 'sex worker'. However, escorts are not prostitutes. The term prostitute refers to engaging in sexual acts in exchange for goods, an escort is not based on sexual engagement but rather for their time.

Of course, prostitution is an older profession, and the escorting business evolved and stemmed from it. Escorting became a business that is all about counselling and friendship - not just plain old sex. Escort business is somewhat an elegant child of prostitution and the ladies tend to have long-term clientele and offer special services.

It soon became all about the income! The growing importance of gaining fancy stuff and having more money provided more popularity to both professions in recent times. Prostitution revolves around a 'single-use', but escorting can easily become a way of paying the bills and having someone buy you all kinds of expensive gifts Escorts rates are a bit higher than the prostitutes because they provide a wider range of services and are much more interesting to spend time with.

It is also much safer to hire an escort than a prostitute. Many prostitutes don't work alone and are a part of some bigger scheme - they often have a pimp who is taking most of their earnings and treats them as scum and can really harm you if something goes unplanned. Escorts, on the other hand, work independently, or through the agencies that treat them as they should be treated, like human beings. Bristol Escorts, for example, work independently and with agencies as well, and clients are saying they are satisfied no matter the case.

The main difference, however, is the experience itself. Prostitutes often do anything for money, including some things they might not actually enjoy. On the other hand, most escorts offer only services they are actually enjoying, the time spent with them is much more pleasing. If you are looking for anything more than just making your wife jealous, choose an escort over a prostitute.

Sex work is not what it used to be in ancient times, but its essence will always be derived from the desire to socialise or need for sexual pleasure. Escort ladies provide an enjoyable and safe way of fulfilling these needs but without the usual prostitutional seediness. In the end, the sex industry will live on

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