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Praises and Romance in the Chuch

We are conditioned by life in our culture to be more conscious of the negative than the positive. The news is largely a focus on the negative, and we are made by the media to see life as tragic and full of accidents, murder, and endless blunders of one sort or another. You have to go against the grain to say to yourself, thank God for the millions who did not get murdered last night along with myself.

Praise God for all the cars that didn't get hit. I rejoice in the millions of homes that did not burn, and for the millions of children who got home safely, and for the many businesses that did not lay people off. Good news is ten thousand times more common than bad news, but it does not make the news because news is devoted to the unusual.

What this does, however, is make us a problem conscious people, and this is a hindrance to praise, both of God and of our mates. There are dozens of things we appreciate about our mates, but like the news reporter, we sniff out the real story which is the negative, the weakness, the blunder, the things that aggravate us. The husband comes home from work, and he brings home the groceries his wife asked him to pick up. However, he brought home the wrong kind of beans. Now here is a wife who appreciates her husband. She appreciates his working and his willingness to go out of his way to pick up groceries along with dozens of other good points, but when she sees the wrong kind of beans, what is the news flash?

Idiot husband blows it on beans.

That is not what their lives areall about at all the kind of beans they eat. However, all the dozens of valued characteristics are pushed out of sight, and this minor blunder becomes the Rock of Gibraltar sitting on their kitchen counter. That is the news, and that is where we focus. Not on the 142 times he came home with exactly the right order, but this present atrocious blunder. So what if it represents a mere fraction of life? It is now the headlines for the day. She makes a federal case out of his stupidity, and he forgets all he admires about her and says she never appreciates anything he does. In seconds, they have an honest to goodness news worthy conflict.

This is what news is the unusual exalted to the level of such prominence that it dominates your consciousness. This is what people are made to do, and mates often do it for nothing.

People of God need to know how to balance praises and romance in the church and inculcate it into their marriages.

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