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'Just Because Of A Drink, This Is What He Did To Me In His Room'

I am a very beautiful young woman and has all it takes to win the heart of a man. I live in an area full of men so sometimes, walking in our street is a problem to me because, almost everyone who sees me will call me and take my contact.

I used to date, but I'm no more dating because, a 'tragic incident' happened between my boyfriend and me. I have been single for more than a year now. There is this gentleman who lives next to my house, who has been pestering my life with love proposals, but I told him I don't want to date for now.

He has tried all means to get me into his room, but it all couldn't work. I really love the drinks and he is one person, who deals on drinks. I told him one day I will come and take some drinks at his place and he said I'm always welcome.

After I entered his room, he locked the door. I asked him why and he replied, the area is not safe. We sat down, talked for a while and he served me with a drink. I didn't know he served me with an alcohol content beverage. After taking about half the bottle, I felt weak and couldn't do anything again.

He took me to his bed, he undressed me and got ready to sleep with me. I was very weak, but I did the little I could to struggle with him. Finally, I dressed up and run away from his room.

He has been calling and texting me since that, he has got the original wine and I should come and take, because, the other one I took the last time was not original and that's why I got weak.

I'm confused and don't know what to do. Should I go?

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