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Blind Couples Happily Shares How They Met And Got Married After They Went To School Years Ago

A 45 years old woman named Janet and her husband Kwame Bronya who are both blind happily narrated how they met and got married after they went to school. According to Jane, she used to see clearly in her youthful age, she learnt hairstyling at age 19 but when she establish her shop after she finished learning the hairstyling, she began experiencing blurred vision. She went to the hospital to seek medical treatment but the doctors diagnose her with glaucoma.

They assured her that she will recover from this illness but she got blind while receiving treatment. Janet said she was so sad about what happened to her but she made a decision to move on with life without her vision. Although her parents sent her to stay with her grandmother at Odumase after she lost her sight but she tried selling in front of their house to sustain her life.

She also started singing at church to praise God no matter her condition. With the help of an organizations and her church, she was enrolled at the school of the blind to learn how to make detergents and how to write which will help her in life. Fortunately, she met her husband called Adam who was her classmate at school. The man made it clear to her that his wife is dead and is willing to marry her.

She became so happy that day because no man has taken that bold step of marrying her due to her blindness, she accepted his proposal and got married after they completed school. Jane reveals that she is grateful to her husband for letting her become happy again after years of losing her sight. According to Kwame Bronya, he too was not born with blindness. He was a hardworking businessman who always traveled to Togo and Cote D'Ivoire to trade.

One day he began experiencing pains in his eyes, he immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment but he too lost his sight months later. Kwame said he thought that was the end of his life until he was enrolled in the school for the blind to learn. He got interested in marrying Jane when they got to their final year. The man said he has never regretted marrying his wife and she has been very helpful in his life since they completed school years ago.

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