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Divorce Affair

Husband Divorce Wife After Finding Out The Wife Lied About Her Virginity - 4 Months After Marriage

Keeping your virginity takes a lot of restraint and it's a very commendable trait in previous times. It was a value most men looked for in their wives to be. However, nowadays, virginity is rapidly losing its value because a lot of people have come to the understanding that virginity doesn't guarantee a good spouse or marriage.

A story shared on social media by a Twitter user by the name of Sommaviva alias Chukwu Somma revealed that a lady was sacked from her matrimonial home and returned to her parents just 4 months into their marriage because she lied to her husband that she was a virgin.

The story attracted varying opinions on social media. Whereas some fraction of social media users believed that it was not appropriate for the husband to act in that manner because virginity isn't guaranteed by a good spouse as I stated earlier. However, the rest of the social media commentaries argued that the man didn't divorce the wife because she wasn't a virgin but because of the lie. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us.

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