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Meet Lethabo and Tshegofatso, the couple who got married at the age of 9 and 7

Lethabo and Tshegofatso, two handsome and lovely children from Queenstown, South Africa, set a world record by tying the nut at the ages of 9 and 7.

Knowing how tough marriage is for these two children's families, they decided to marry, and strangely, they all come from a wealthy family.

The futures of these children were predetermined by their parents while they were little.

They made an arrangement for them before to their marriage, which occurred a few years later in their upbringing.

When the two families came to an agreement, they chose to bond their gorgeous children together by allowing them to marry young, when Lethado was 9 years old and Tshegofatso was 7 years old, as children who knew nothing about marriage.

Previously, Lethabo and Tshegofatso had been compelled to stick together and accomplish everything on their own. They were said to be priming them to fall in love with one another.

Allowing the two children to marry was thought to allow them to get to know each other better, but some individuals believe that allowing such children to marry is unethical.

What sort of history do they have? What problem-solving abilities do they possess? What will they use to determine what is excellent and what is not? These are only a handful of the unanswered questions that people have been pondering.

So, ladies and gentlemen, do you believe the families made the correct decision in having their children marry at such a young age? Is it something we should do when we notice our children developing closer or when we believe they deserve to spend the rest of their lives together? Can this device aid in the development of our children's lives? Can this be another way to reduce divorce in marriage because the two children will have known each other since childhood?

Please let know you thoughts regarding the said questions by commenting, liking and sharing this article for others to also come out with what they think are best for our future kids.

Thank you.

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